A Day At The Salon

Like I’ve mentioned too many times before life in the salon is super different these days. The salon has always had a carefree element because even though hair is important it’s still mostly fun. There’s the occasional sad story but we usually end up making those people feel better during the appointment. And, there’s the occasional illness that requires a cut but even that often turns cathartic in the end.

Oooh Girl Salon

What’s happening now with Covid-19 feels different. It feels heavy. We are constantly aware of the fact that we could get it or spread it. We check temps, wear masks, clean constantly. 2 salons in the area have had to close because someone in the place tested positive. One of the most well know and largest salons in town has closed permanently. It’s wild!

But thankfully I like the people I work with and we have the best clients. Plus going to work means I actually get to do my hair and put on some cute clothes and someone besides me will see it all. We also have the most gorgeous salon so it’s a great place to be. What’s your work life like these days? Are you working from home or do you go into work everyday? Let me know how you’re coping with all of this.

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