Hi and welcome to whatever this is.

Hi I’m Ginger a pet sitting, curly hair styling massage therapist located in the Southwest.

I am currently unable to choose a specific career path which I think is the curse of being a millennial. We’ve just got so many more options I guess. I split my time between massage therapy, pet sitting and curly hairstylist and it just seems to work for me.

But, if I can be honest pet sitting has my heart. I’ve never met a cat or dog I didn’t love.  My ideal day starts with a cup of coffee poured into a mug shaped like a cat. I sit propped up against my pillows that happen to be shaped like cats and scroll through my emails. I apply makeup that I pull out of a bag with a witty cat quote on it. Dress in my favorite athleasure grab my headphones, put on my cat shaped accessories grab my cat shaped bag and head out to walk your dog and feed your cat! You think I’m joking but I am not!

 Thanks for hanging out and joining in on the fun!