So Many Snacks

Are you snacking a lot more than usual too? I feel like I’m eating 1 meal a day and 24 snacks give or take a couple. I have no shame in my snacking though. It’s a cope however you can kind of time and snacks are where it’s at for me. Some of these snacks are homemade some are store bought but all are equally delish.

These chocolate meringues from Trader Joe’s are amazing. They have tiny chocolate chips in them and I wanted to eat the entire container in one sitting.
Good old box strawberry cupcakes with the most delicious 7 minute frosting!
These amazing brown butter chocolate chip cookies from Chef Resha. Check out the recipe here

How are you coping these days? I’ve seen lots of food, lot’s of working out. journaling, music, binge watching everything. I’ve dabbled in a few things but cooking and eating are top of the list right now. I know I’m in for another 2 weeks a least. To be honest I’m not sure if I will be returning to work even then. Pet sitting relies on travel most of the time and my clients won’t be doing that for a while. Massage and hair are so intimite that I’m not sure I feel safe just yet.

Time will tell but for now I’m content just snacking and cooking.

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