Staying inside right now

Harriet might have said we out but we are in (side our houses) for what looks like another month. So most of the country is on some kind of shut down. Some of y’all have been living this quarantine life for weeks how you doin?

Can I be real honest with you? I am not bored or restless or upset about being at home. Now don’t get me wrong whats happening with COVID-19 is horrible and I hate that people are sick and drying. I hate what’s happening to our medical professionals. I can hardly think about what it’s doing to Black and Indigenous communities. The way our essential workers are exposed to this virus and working is making me sick. I really miss spending nearly everyday with my niece and nephews,and I miss the pets I sit for. I just want to walk a dog please! All of that is stressing me out but being at home is sure not.

I can’t say I’m doing anything extra special or profound. I haven’t read all the classics or learned a language. I’m not learning calligraphy or working out regularly but I’m OK with that. This quarantine/social distancing thing is sticking around for a while so maybe tomorrow or next Tuesday I’ll decide to write the next great American novel but for now I’m content just working on this blog. cooking, reading some books. listening to some great music (dancing in club quarantine have you checked that out yet?) and watching some good TV.

So how’s your quarantine life going. That’s assuming you’re not an essential worker like my mom and brother-in-law. Hope you and your loved ones are healthy and well and stay that way! And maybe we’ll see eachother on the outside one day!

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