You alright out there?

2 weeks ago the Governor of New Mexico said we could open salons in Albuquerque and some of my teammates have just finished their first week. I however am taking my sweet time returning to work. Working in a mask is no joke. If you’re a healthcare pro you know this and dang y’all are amazing. I for one am feeling some type of way about the fact that I have to do things like take temperatures and wear a mask. It’s scary if I’m being honest and not something I want to do. Being responsible for someone else getting a potentially deadly disease.

Please do not sign me up.

On top of that we have all the social unrest because of 400 years of racism. I’ll be honest as a pessimist I don’t think anything major is going to change. But, it has been a delight to watch certain companies, corporations and brands get roasted like a hog at a Matanza! The professional hair world is reeling right now. They don’t know what to do with all their racism. It’s been entertaining to watch if nothing else. As someone who’s been in the beauty industry for about nearly 13 years I can say that these diversity and inclusion conversations are nothing new. These companies are out here acting like they just found out about systemic racism. It’s laughable but not unexpected. Time will tell which one’s will change and which one’s won’t 

So how are you doing these days? Getting enough rest and water? Let me know how you’re coping with the harsh realities were facing right now.

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